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Jane Campbell, the owner & principal designer at Elettra Décor is an Affiliated Member of CDECA (Canadian Decorators Association). Our affiliated trades’ people are professional and insured. 

Jane Campbell

Equally important, Jane is about developing and maintaining relationships with clients and with her industry colleagues. Her lifetime career in design has created connections with reputable general contractors, custom counter fabricators, painters, upholsterers, cabinetmakers, furniture refinishers, and tile/flooring installers.

Colour and texture are Jane Campbell’s two favourite elements to put in any space and they are the starting point for all Elettra Décor projects.

Jane loves colour and guiding people along the path to incorporating it most effectively in homes, offices, and recreational spaces such as cottages. The child of a fashion designer mother, Jane grew up surrounded by colour and understands the connection between colour and comfort.

Elettra Décor’s passion for quality comes from natural curiosity. Jane takes a keen interest in how items are made, created, and constructed by artisans and craftsmen.

She is very interested in how the trinity of architecture, fashion, and travel affects design and décor over time. With the popularity of “Downton Abbey,” Jane has noticed a resurgence in quality crafted furnishing and accent items. Utilizing 3Dream software she creates 3D drawings of space and furniture layout to give clients a clear picture of all the possibilities.

Personally drawn to Asian influences including traditional colours, fret work, fabric and carpet patterns, Jane skilfully works them into a variety of styles and settings.

Window treatments are another favourite because the perfect treatment ties a room together, taking it from cold and bare to warm and inviting, taking it from empty to elegant.

Perfectly positioned furniture, excellent accents, wonderful walls, and tremendously treated windows are beautifully brought together with Jane’s skill and ability to put it under the best lighting conditions.

Liveable, loveable, perfect and practical - the result of Elettra Décor and Jane Campbell.

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